• Kathie Merrill, LCSW

    Life Counselor Therapist

    I provide therapeutic counseling in a natural environment to create balance, peace, and joy.

  • Services

    I provide services in a natural environment

    to enhance the opportunities for introspection and healing.

    I work with children and adults

    using both conventional and holistic approaches,

    applying a diverse range of strategies.

    Individual Counseling

    I provide a place and space in a natural setting for clients to process and allow the therapeutic work to take hold.

    Group Counseling


    Sometimes there are others who are facing similar circumstances.  It is often healing to share in a group.

    ASW/MFTi Supervision

    I offer both individual and group supervision for those in a setting that qualifies for earning hours toward a CA Board of Behavioral Sciences professional mental health provider license.

    Areas We Can Work on Together

    • Childhood trauma
    • Depression
    • PTSD
    • Anxiety
    • Mood Disorders 
    • ADHD/Learning Disorders
    • Grief and Loss Issues
    • Stress Management
    • School Problems
    • Disempowering core beliefs
    • Blocks to growth, career & life purpose



    • Individual and group therapy sessions are held at Kalinda Ranch in Cazadero, CA.  Cazadero is just west of Santa Rosa.
    • Individual and group ASW/MFTi  supervision sessions are held at an agreed upon site.



    • Individual 50 minute therapy sessions are $120
    • Group 50 minute therapy sessions are $80
    • Individual 60 minute ASW/MFTi  supervision sessions are $120
    • Group 60 minute ASW/MFTi sessions are $60
    • School social work supervision rate reduced. Contact for information.
    • Although I don't accept insurance, I can provide you with an invoice to submit to your insurance company.
  • Who Am I?

    • I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Certified Life Coach. 
    • I have two masters degrees, one in special education and one in clinical social work.
    • I have practiced as a private mental health therapist in Washington and California for over 25 years specializing in helping abused children and adults struggling with a large variety of life challenges. 
    • I was employed and volunteered as a hospice chaplain.
    • My career transitions have involved the fields of education, human services and health care. 
    • My successful career in the field of education included being a regular and special education teacher, principal, school psychologist, school social worker, educational coach and behavior specialist.
    • I have worked in public, non-public and private schools, including a school for residential students with severe emotional disturbances.

    Change your thinking--Change your life.

    "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."   Richard Bach


    Don't just grow where you are planted.

    Plant yourself where you can grow.


    Come work with me. We will do great work together.

  • Testimonials

    Try it for yourself!

    Tipi Site

    "I have worked with Kathie regarding emotional and spiritual issues. She has helped me with discovering what I would like to do with my life, exploring forms of meditation and visualization, discerning past life influences, and practicing positive thoughts. Kathie has helped me tremendously on working through issues I had with my father.

    Kalinda, where Kathie lives and teaches, is one of the most peaceful, harmonious and spiritual places I know of. The redwoods, natural creeks, the Medicine Wheel Garden, the tipi and the labyrinth offer a serene, magical environment in which to learn - and to just "BE"." LL--Office manager


    "To change one's life,

    start immediately,

    do it flamboyantly,

    no exceptions."

    William James


    "Kathie is highly intuitive and creative. She cares deeply about her clients and it shows in her listening skills. I find her to be very easy to talk to and sincere. She has used a variety of tools to help me gain more self-awareness and be better able to handle challenges that come my way." LM--Bookkeeper



    "Kathie works with you both in the moment and behind the scenes, supporting your growth with her gentle, nurturing energy.  Her non-judgmental attitude and support beyond the expected created an atmosphere of deep trust for me."  TL--massage therapist



    At the gates of the forest, the surprised man of the world is forced to leave his city estimates of great and small, wise and foolish. Thoreau


    Kathie helped me process through issues that I was having with my father, so we did a past life search to find out dynamics between my father and myself. Through her guidance I was able to heal the present relationship with my father by letting go of the resentment and truly forgiving him so I am at peace. Through the process Kathie discovered that my father and I had many past lives together and while she was describing it, my stomach turned sour and I felt as though I had a "raw doughnut" in my gut, which quickly calmed as I was able to emotionally let go and allow love to replace the resentment. 

    RL --Educator



    If we do nothing, nothing is going to happen. If we do something, something might happen. The future is yours; do something with it.  Ramon Grace

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